The Birley Academy Curriculum Information

We pride ourselves on offering a broad and diverse curriculum at Birley where all students can access all subjects on offer. At KS3 students study the full range of English, maths, science, up to 2 foreign languages, music, drama, art, PE, RE, history, computer science, geography and PSHE. Our students at KS4 are encouraged to study for the EBACC qualification as much as possible.

We provide excellent opportunities for work related learning both through work experience units and offsite placements. We offer a carefully constructed range of subjects at KS4 chosen for their excellent progression routes and employability.

We recognise that not all students want or need the same curriculum experience and as students progress through school we provide different opportunities for different students. We are particularly fortunate to have an Integrated Resource for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder which helps us to support a wide range of students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

At The Birley Academy, we update parents on their child's progress 12 times at KS3 and 9 times at KS4.

We also have excellent links with universities nationally and make opportunities for our students to take part in many outreach and widening participation projects – for example, those encouraging students who want to become doctors.

To do this we use Birley levels which are based upon the programme of study in each subject. We take into consideration their starting point in Year 7 and their target grade in that subject at the end of Year 11 to decide whether their child is making appropriate progress towards their target.

In progress updates and the full annual report we also use a traffic-light colour code system so that parents and their child can easily see whether they are making appropriate progress. Green indicates that they are performing at or exceeding what we would expect. Amber would indicate that they are not quite there yet. Red would indicate a cause for concern.

For further information regarding the curriculum contact Dave Burnham