Birley Community Primary School Curriculum Offer

We aim for our curriculum to provide children with exciting and enjoyable learning experiences.

Skills and knowledge of different subjects are brought together into a thematic context for learning. Creative partnerships are used to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination.

Local visits are organised and there are many opportunities to work with our local community. Children go on a residential visit in Y6.

Assessment Tracking Guide for Parents STAT Guide_to Assessment.pdf

ICT Overview BCP_ICT_overview.pdf

RE Overview BCP_RE_Overview.pdf

Whole topic themes 2016-2017 Whole Topic Themes 2016-2017.pdf

FS1 Curriculum Newsletter FS1_Spring2_Newsletter.pdf

FS1 Curriculum Newsletter2 FS2_Spring2_Newsletter.pdf

Y1 Curriculum Newsletter Y1_Spring2_Newsletter.pdf

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Y1 Curriculum Newsletter3 Y3_Spring2_Newsletter.pdf

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Y3 Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 2 2015 Y5_Spring2_Newsletter.pdf

Y6 Curriculum Newsletter Y6_Spring2_Newsletter.pdf