Policy Documents

The Governing Body of Birley Learning Community are in the process of reviewing all our current policies. See links below for policies that are public documents.

Primary Phase Esafety Policy 2016 E_Safeguarding_Policy_2016.pdf

Primary Phase Anti-Bullying Policy Anti_Bullying_Policy_Aut2016.pdf

Primary Phase Safeguarding Policy 2017 Safeguarding Policy LEAD SS 200217 version 3.pdf

Equality Info and objectives policy Equalityinformationandobjectives.pdf

Exclusion Policy Exclusion_Policy.pdf

Equality Policy EqualityPolicyv.2.pdf

Accessibility Policy Accessibility Policy.pdf

Vision Vision.pdf

Birley Academy Special Needs Information Report The Birley Academy Special Needs Info Rep.pdf

Birley Academy SEND Policy The Birley Academy SEND Policy.pdf

Birley Academy Exclusion Policy The Birley Academy Exclusion Policy.pdf

Birley Academy Equality Policy The Birley Academy Equality Policy.pdf

Birley Academy Equality Information & Objectives Birley Academy Equality info & objectives.pdf

Birley Academy Classroom Expectations for Students Birley Academy Classroom Expectations students.pdf

The birley Academy Charging and Remissions Policy Birley Academy Charging and Remissions Policy.pdf

The Birley Academy Behaviour Policy The Birley Academy Behaviour Policy.pdf

The Birley Academy Anti Bullying Policy The Birley Academy Anti Bullying Policy.pdf

The Birley Academy Accessibility Policy The Birley Academy Accessibility Policy.pdf

Birley Academy Safeguarding Policy LEAD The Birley Academy Safeguarding Policy LEAD.pdf

Birley Academy Complaints Procedure The Birley Academy complaintsprocedure.pdf